What is illumination?

Dictionary definition of illumination

Illumination is spiritual or intellectual enlightenment; insight or understanding.  It is the act of making understood; clarification.

“The origins of the word stem from the period 1300–50 and originates from Middle English, whereby the Medieval Latin word illūminātiōn- (stem of illūminātiō ) means spiritual enlightenment ( Latin: illustriousness, glory).” [www.dictionary.com]

  • Does understanding necessarily come from the reading of lines or does a blank canvas equally have as much to offer, if not more?
  • To understand requires the input and assimilation of information;
    a blank canvas needs to receive paint and creation before it can illuminate others.


fighting-couplePicture from a website dedicated to
Islamic marriage advice and family advice
called “

Others fighting illuminates you,

Tell your mind.

A beautiful visage denies,

Tell your mind. beautiful face- blank canvas

Tell your mind of its inability to express the truth.

It withholds and emits potentially dangerous misunderstanding.

Listen instead.

Listen with your heart and mind to hear what is not said. radiating love heart

Picture from  “OpenYourHeart.org
a website dedicated to teaching others
to learn the most enjoyable way to let go of stress
and improve their overall happiness and wellbeing.
This particular picture embodies the idea of
listening to your heart”.

Love radiates and glows to grow you.

You should feel this.

Feel the radiation.

Does it illuminate you?

Or does it dull you, shading you from the Truth? boxing gloves-pink

Who is fighting?

What is said and why?

What’s the other side of the talk?

Must all true, good fights be ugly?

Is ugly the Truth?

Is that why it is known as ‘the ugly truth’?

What is your impression of the beautiful visage? Chinese grandma painting

Chinese Grandma” painting from
Dogan’s web-based art gallery
Mr and Mrs Dogan are an artistic
water-colouring and sculpting
husband and wife partnership of 
Turkish-Canadian descent based in
Vancouver, Canada.


Is it really the unlined one? Or have we mistaken it.

What is so terrible about impenetrability? Must we always be an open book?

Perhaps it is false expression that we need to expose.

What is the Truth?

by CBY


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