Stagnation: is it fruitful or deteriorative?

Have you ever heard of stillness leading to stagnation?

They say, “still waters run deep”, but maybe those people are talking of fjords. 

[Note: A fjord is a geological formation carved by glacial activity,
resulting in a narrow water inlet formed with steep cliffs created in a valley.]

A rather majestic example of a fjord is Doubtful Sound in the south-western corner of South Island, New Zealand.  I would say that stagnation is reduced because of the purity and high volume of water.  However, there is also something about being able to fester vegetation out of stagnation.  When water is too pure, it cannot sustain robust life over the longer term, maybe that is how abundant green mountains turn into a pile of barren, crumbly mineral stones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Doubtful Sound, a majestic fjord in New Zealand

As an introductory warm-up of inspirational contemplation, first consider these Chinese proverbs before reading the poem that follows:

  1. “Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”
    Old School thinking was that people were not mentally fertile enough to be standing still and productive.
  2. “A man grows most tired while standing still.”
    Perhaps action is easier than deep, constructive thought and contemplation.


Life’s Time Warp


Picture is sourced from a blog post
Servants of God or Time?” and another called Hickory Dickory Dock
both quoting from
Neil Postman’s book
Amusing Ourselves to Death”

(p. 11, ref. Lewis Mumford) regarding
the clock’s mechanical representation
of time making us :

1st – time-keepers;
2nd – time-savers
; and finally,
3rd time-servers

Being in a time warp means there is no age;
There is comfort but it comes and goes.

Life begins and ends right here;
It therefore has no start and no finish.

With such infinite time everything can become
infinitesimal all at once, or worse,
gradually over time.

So you forget where you are.

You are ill-armed.

You are caught unaware.

The time warp requires recognition and awareness –
it will never tell you it is a warp.

It can tease you,
please you,
and irritate you;
But whatever it chooses,
you are at its mercy and not the other way around.  time warp2
It warps you.

Be blessed and feel it;
To fight it brings discomfort –
an awakening of awareness that you are its toy
amongst many in its toy box world.

An ironic passive-aggressiveness ensues.

To accept it may bring dis-ease;
A never-ending cycle of timelessness to blur your once clear mind –
a struggle to clamber out of the misty-aired boxed up world.

A struggle against complacency and mediocrity begins –

Oh, the irony of acceptance.

The balance of surrender and fight is one that needs to be learnt and applied at every twist and turn. 

It is the trick of the devil – the idea that being still is OK,
– the concept of timelessness is graceful,
– to be undefined is enigmatic,
and to blend-in is to give us adaptability.

Be warned of the time warp.

by CBY


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