Sun: the morning after the stormy, thunderous rainy night

Location : a less muggy, yet warm grey evening after the scary, roaring, boom-boom, hellava dragon thunderstorm… last night was SCARY. Maybe being on the 19th floor means thunder sounds sooo much louder – really not too used to it yet. Embarrassed smile

thunderstorm-world and nature

From the website ‘World and Nature’
as located on the post entitled “How to Behave During a Thunderstorm”,
posted on 19 Feb 2011

thunderstorm-Chilean volcanic stormFrom the website ‘Oh Gizmo’ this is a photo of the Chilean volcanic eruption thunderstorm 
as photographed by Evan Ackerman.
Volcano name: Chaitén | Event Date: May 6, 2008, after 9,000 years of silence.


Listening to : Discovery Channel’s programme about how to turn kernels of corn into a flammable, liquid energy source (100% pure ethanol)

Contemplating : the huge scab on my nose Surprised smile : the beauty therapist really set my sebum-clogged nasal pores to rights with a needle and tweezers… she said the first time she didn’t dare to clean too deep, so last time, being the second session, she went really deep on a particular pore that has been giving me consistent, repeated pimples over the last decade and more – Crying face ouch!  Crying face

The opening then scabbed over and brought on an inflammation of the poked, prodded and invaded pore – Annoyed – but that’s the price! 

She does know what she is doing – I did check!  Anyway, the second day (with some home skincare aids and patience) it grew into a large-sized, but relatively uninfected spot.  The dry skin along with a thin scab peeled (easily) away from the open pore and a very small amount of pus oozed swiftly and smoothly out of the cavity.  I (naughtily) gently squeezed a little more (using hygienic fingers wrapped in clean, soft facial tissues) and cajoled some excess blood out of the inflammation resulting in a more even surface and smothered it with spot cream. 

The day after that, the skin healed over with not a sign of an open pore anywhere – that is unusual.  Often, after a ‘deep-cleanse’ I can still see signs of ‘open’ pores, albeit comparatively microscopic when compared with clinically diagnosed severe acne-prone skin.  That was the only pore on my nose that she went full deep on in that instance, the rest of my nose was tweezed beautifully, but twitchingly painfully.  It left my nose rather clearer, but not quite poreless.  The second session, with the deeper clean has given me a smoother nose. 

My nasal skin really was very congested.  Each pore was clearly clogged with a plug of sebum, although it wasn’t ‘dirty’ as in filled with pollution and unhygienic dirt, it was still a problem to solve.  It wasn’t possible for me to clean as deep as the beauty salon has done so professionally.

Mine isn’t really a problem for Western dermatological medicine to solve, it’s rather more an issue for professional beauty and skincare therapy developed and based on substantial modern science knowledge, advancements and considerable skill.  You see, I don’t ask for much. 

Nope.  No, Sireee, I don’t ask for much. Rolling on the floor laughing

Plans for the day : stay wrapped up in a snug towel.
bath towel with sexy legs

Latest retail therapy disclosure : The Face Shop’s “Ice Flower Hydra Essence” which is a hydrating skin serum manufactured by a Korean company.

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) the scary size of the inflammation of my needle-cleaned nasal pore
(2) the better-than-expected healing of my nasal pore

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :
:: impatience ::
Sleepy smile the long, slow queue in the supermarket when all I wanted to pay for was a 3-bottle pack of Nescafe’s “Smoovlatte”.  *sigh* Who me?

long queue


From Stock Illustration Source’ this is image #143830,
captioned “A long queue of office workers” by artist Jim Dandy.



long queue2


From a blog entitled ‘ESP in Psychology’
it has a bias towards an interest in psychology. 
This picture was sourced from it’s post
“You are how you wait: Queue Psychology”
Other posts include: Multiple Intelligence Test; The Mystery of Memory; Psychology of Internet.
(photo: )


long queue3


From ‘Shutter Stock Images’ this is image ID 27538147, captioned “Be the first in a long queue!!!”
Vibrant Image Studio


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