Thu: staring at the flashing light of voicemail

voicemail-flashing light2voicemail-flashing light






Location : soothed by the flickering light of the in-room landline telephone’s voicemail retention service (Kowloon, HKSAR)

Listening to : a muted Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”

Contemplating : my acne-infested chin, which has undergone intensive facial treatment twice (this week) and has had the pinkish-red, infected pores deep-cleansed using the needle method. 

It is this problem-manifesting, transitionary period of travel time when it’s longer than annual leave and yet not long enough to be taking residence in a new, foreign environment – I have yet to adapt to this climate and surroundings properly, my first port of call is to let the problems manifest then seek immediate solutions, followed by more long-term methods, but it depends on the length of staying time…

My back has eased up a lot now, from the Chinese-style massages (twice) and lymph massages (three times) over the course of a week, and I’m discovering I’m immensely lop-sided: the left-side of my spine is much longer than the right-side. 

back muscles-points of pain


So, if I stand up ‘straight’, or at full-length, my left-side is much taller and curves over to my right-side, which is much shorter; and my neck is also crooked to the right-hand side. 

I always thought it was the other way round, because I had to keep stretching my (spasmodic, tight and rather static) right lumbar muscles and erector spinae muscles, but actually it’s because I’ve had to create length there to compensate for its shortness and, perhaps, weakness from comparative under-development. 

My left side seems to be longer, leaner, more well-developed and stronger, but was cramped up over time to create visible balance, a greater even-keel of anatomical-physiological function and a more effective and harmonious working connection between my mind and different parts of my body; otherwise I’d always be over-exerting myself for not a lot. 

I used to sleep curled up on the left side of my body, this would enable it to double up by day-break and allow a better functioning balance.  But, as I discovered during the massage, it has rendered my more, well-developed, left side feeling like a thick plank of wood and the therapist could barely get in below the stored double-tension to release the acupressure points.

It was only on the third occasion when I could even begin to register the painful, knotted points dotted along the neck and spine of my left-hand side.  Later on, I was actually able to feel the specific knotted tension and acupressure points.

On the first and second sessions (each 1.5 hours of intense deep-tissue massage) I could only ‘feel’ a mass of tension, pretty much like tightly-entwined shipping rope.  Apparently it is blockages of the lymph. 

I could hear my lymph circulating up my neck last night.

What is this imbalance of the right and left sides, anyway? 
What does it mean mentally or emotionally? 

Plans for the day : think too hard about extending my away time

Latest retail therapy disclosure : a course of lymph massages and collagen facial treatments

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) have yet to make a decision about my extended stay – I feel kinda stressed at having to make decisions when I’m supposed to be at ease
(2) opened up my new, bright-turquoise, white-polka-dotted sarong and wore it for the first time

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling :


#Ooh, aah, just a little bit stressed# 
Don’t know why, but just having to think of deadlines and travel plans is putting the heebie-jeebies into me – perhaps that does mean I’m actually winding-down and I have hit a greater, deeper level of relaxation. Yay!  I really don’t feel as if I would be able to get to work right now, plus, I don’t think I’d be much good to anyone right now.  I have hit my new, lowest ebb. Send a kiss

However, that in itself brings up a new bout of stress: what does it take to wind back up again? 

Figure 1:
From The American Institute of Stress

stress-physical effects

Figure 2:
From The Stress Free Network
stress-physiological effects


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