Sun: day of rest

Location : grey, damp, gloomy day in Kowloon, HK (SAR), liking the contrast from days just gone by! Send a kiss

Listening to : an NHK World programme about energy supply and nuclear power stations in Japan… don’t really understand it so not really paying too much attention to it… now they’re showing pictures of survivors of the Japanese tsunami remembering the lives of the victims and celebrating Mother’s day

Contemplating : the observations of the physical and beauty therapists given to me yesterday i.e. my prolonged, on-going lack of good-enough quality sleep (20-odd years); my current, daytime grogginess; my poor lymph circulation; health hazards from brain work (e.g. use of computer; wading through documents and other heavy reading materials; facing and dealing with  lots of people and clients and meetings and presentations; analysis of information, statistics and fact; extensive use of communication technologies, like the  telephone etc.) and internal blockages from long-term accumulative stress due to escalating responsibilities – my whole body feels like a wooden plank and I’m needing an intensive course of deep tissue  and lymph massage, as well as needing to get my face fixed via high-quality facial treatments.  The only saving grace (some might say it’s a misfortune) is that I don’t look, nor feel, as wrecked as I actually am and thus the danger is not knowing how much professional therapeutic help I actually need.  But when I receive the therapies, I KNOW, without doubt, that I NEED them.

Plans for the day : sit out today and go and start my therapy treatment tomorrow

Latest retail therapy disclosure : an intensive course of physical, body-work therapy

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) a series of mobile phone text message clashes and scuffles with my father
(2) not leaving bed today and feeling OK about it

Today’s chosen expression of emotion, sentiment or feeling : I seem to be noticing my breath more today, my breathing seems to be experiencing some change… not sure what though


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