Wed: waking up in comfort on a double-bed

comfortable double bed

Location : next to the expansive hotel window in Kowloon, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) Island with a palm tree

Listening to : The National Geographic Channel’s “Naked Science: Death of the Earth” TV programme – definitely a programme to catch a few times.  Apparently we’re slowly seeping (light-weight) hydrogen atoms into outer space by way of evaporating water molecules (H2O), which causes the increase in concentration of oxygen on Earth and thus a thicker atmosphere and more thunderstorms.  Apparently it’ll be a real problem 1.2 billion years into the future… which might sound like a practical joke, I mean, why should we even care? Confused smile  Apparently the end of life on Earth brings about a brown, featureless planet, which carries on orbiting the Sun for billions of years later.  Also, the Sun swells in size, a prediction is at least 200 times its present size, which melts the Earth’s surface and molten metals run free.  Surprised smile  One scientist said that his interest in the end of the world started with his fascination with the planet Venus.

NatGeo Death of the Earth

Contemplating : when to make a visit to Inspiration Lake or Disneyland Hong Kong Red heart

Plans for the day : more peace and quiet

Latest retail therapy : cream of cauliflower soup topped with a sprinkling of crispy burnt bacon crumbs and one scoop of Dreyer’s ‘Cookies and Cream’ ice-cream Smile with tongue out

cream of cauliflower soup
[photo: by Steve Brown in]

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow :
(1) having a bad hair day which is making me look as if I’ve gained 10lbs in weight overnight, but I just might have done – maybe it’s reality!
(2) being situated on a sunny, peaceful table for lunch and allowing my mind to daydream – I really haven’t had that in a long long long long time, it’s been waaay too long since the last time



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