Tues: mid-morning room change

Location : double-bed in Kowloon, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

Listening to : the National Geographic Channel’s “”Dogfight over Guadal Canal” –really don’t know what this TV programme is about, but still listening and watching (with one eye) nonetheless

Contemplating : the lovely skyline from the window – the sky is blue with a few white clouds and the buildings are a cohesive smattering of the architecturally contemporary, through to the distinctively local and the recently formed.  We had to make a room change this morning because we were starting to out-grow our old room.  It was a worthwhile hassle.

Plans for the day : after lunch, to rest up and do some more organising and writing – love it Red heart

Latest retail therapy : (1) semi-permanent false eyelashes, double-triple layer for a doll-like effect; (2) gel nails with a glittering purple background with black ‘tweed-like’ pattern lines and white-crystals Smile with tongue out

false eyelashes

gel nails-purple with black and crystals

Lightning One low-light Lightning and Rainbow one high-light Rainbow : (1) not being able to join my mother for lunch – it really is a bit too tiring to head out like that – but I had a nice meal on my own too; (2a) continued and future enjoyment of my beauty therapies purchased yesterday; also, (2b) the room change has really made a difference


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