Poem: ‘Cancerous Growth’

medical equipment

A cancer alert means to expect to be less than pert,
The doctor may assert a period of rest and relaxation;
but you may not enjoy the leisure sensation
because you sense that hopelessness will descend.
Thus, with a level of concern, anxiety and worry you will have to contend.

You may fret, you may ditter,
Coming a-hither and a-dither,
To expend the bundle of nervous energy stored within,
That sends you buzzing like a bee, but your heart becomes numb
And your predicament is known only to some.

Your mind racing, and feet pacing,
You ask how to spend the hours and days in between results of tests,
Sleepless nights and comfort eats are probably your most noticeable pests,
Not to mention the encircling buzzards of ever-increasing questions,
Questions you never ever had for any of your life’s destinations and journeys.

On a hope and a prayer,
You take the ride as a large scare,
Something to wish away,
Something to toss you into life’s limelight,
So you can gain some insight of what is right,
And what is the true light of life.

Good luck and God Bless.

by CBY


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