Nutritiously delicious ‘Ovaltine’


My current staple (liquid) diet. 

Original French name is ‘Ovomaltine’ and was developed in Berne, Switzerland, reaching the shores of Britain in 1909.

My father Just kidding used to drink a warm mug of it in the morning before setting off for work Auto.  Now it’s become part of my daily diet, if not my only sustenance, during these days of ‘rest’.

I love the deliciously malted chocolate-y taste of it, and I do over-dose on it.  I use 3 heaped tablespoons instead of the recommended 4 teaspoons.  I prepare mine conscientiously by 3/4-filling the mug with just-boiled hot water and fill the rest with Kowloon Dairy’s ‘Hi-Calcium Slimilk’ (1.5% low fat milk drink).  Gorgeous  Flirt female  Coffee cup.  It makes me glow!

Ovaltine’s delicious combination of malt, milk and cocoa carries 11 essential vitamins and 4 key minerals of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.  Each vitamin and mineral is between 26-56% recommended daily allowance.


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