My Deluxe Everyday Bag

lesportsac-psyched print

lesportsac-orbit print

I’m liking LeSportsac’s ‘Classic Collection’ of ‘Deluxe Everyday Bag’

My verdict : I love their material and prints.  Very snazzy, uplifting and fun.  Not to mention the  utilitarian-isticness of the multiple zippered-pockets and internal sectioning, as well as the sturdy yet light-weight feel of substantially robust material.  I don’t feel that I have to be more careful with the bag than with myself – it’s not going to degrade nor rip open on me… thank God.  Also, they’re worth having a few in the wardrobe, if nothing else, the prints alone are simply fascinating.

The above two prints are ‘psyched’ (on the left) and ‘orbit’ (on the right).  Between my mother and I, we bought enough to “give out to the town’s people” as they say.  The actual print that I use daily isn’t either of the two above, but I do like those too, I have a calmer one that looks like big splodges and strokes of watercolour on a light-cream coloured background.  We go to the market in Prince Edward, Kowloon to do our lunatic, whirlwind shopping spree on LeSportsac bags and cosmetic cases.

For Spring 2011, they’ve joined up with JOYRICH for a new collection:

lesportsac-joyrich collection

LeSportsac Partners with JOYRICH for Spring 2011
Los Angeles design house JOYRICH, a stand-out brand in the contemporary streetwear market, interprets its vision of high-end yet accessible apparel, in this new collection with LeSportsac.  The concept behind this collaboration is a fusion of LeSportsac’s accessibility and universality along with JOYRICH’s edgy and colourful sensibility that is high-end in appearance and contains a playful ‘90s take on luxury brands.
Favourite LeSportsac Classic Collection styles have been given the JOYRICH treatment – JOYRICH’s signature golden triangle logo plate, and to give the bags a more luxe feel, all hardware and zipper pulls are gold metal.  Select styles also include exclusive gold embossed JOYRICH charm that can be clipped to just about anything.
JOYRICH has created three prints for the collection in custom fabrications.  Chain print is a sleek sateen that is inspired by the various gold elements of ‘90s/’80s fashion, a fun and playful take on over-sized gold chains.  Shine-coated Numbered print is JOYRICH’s interpretation of classic luxury monogram prints done in a light-hearted ironic way.  Another shiny coated print, Pink Leopard, reflects JOYRICH’s love for animal prints and is one of the brand’s best-selling prints.  Quilted Patent takes LeSportsac’s best-selling Black Patent and gives it a JOYRICH luxury feel with its chic quilting.  (source:

Nice, huh?  Hope they bring out a few in downtown Prince Edward soon!  Maybe?  Argh, unless it’s just for Los Angeles?!  Baring teeth smile


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