Lip balm (1): while ruminating, consider this for moisturising your smackers

mpc water lip balm2 mpc water lip balm





This is The Mentholatum Company’s ‘Water Lip Balm’ – one of their latest products.

It has the superior MPC (2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphoryl Choline) formulation which has high moisture holding ability to lock-in and replenish water on lips.  It’s also enriched with Shea Butter Oil, Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil for a deep moisturizing effect, plus aromatic essential oil for a calming and soothing sensation and SPF15 UV protection.

I’m using the moist and uplifting Bergamot oil variant (the soft-yellow one), but they also have the cool Peppermint (light-blue) and fresh Lavender (gentle-purple) varieties. 

My verdict : lovely to use, I love waving it around under my nose and I find the lovely shade of yellow soothing.  I keep it by my side as the texture is feather-light and I find that I rather enjoy re-applying the balm on my lips – it’s quite stimulating in a gentle kind of way, a type of caressing of the lips.  I tend to use it when I’m doing a lot of brain work e.g. shopping or writing.

A bit of company background information :
Founded in 1889 as the Yucca Company, in Kansas, USA, it registered ‘’Mentholatum’ as a trademark in 1895 and went on to use the brand name ‘The Mentholatum Company’  in 1906.  As well as lip care products The Mentholatum Company also make the renowned Mentholatum ‘Deep Heat’ rub cream for the relief of muscular aches and pains.  And in 2004, Mentholatum US acquires the zit-fighting ‘Oxy’ brand globally.


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