Good morning, all…


Current location: Kowloon, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)

Listening to: RJD2’s A Beautiful Mine (the theme from TV programme ‘Mad Men’)

Contemplating: joining my mother for breakfast at the hotel we’re staying at – might consider some miso soup and a medium-boiled egg.

Plans for the day: taking some joy in discovering the pleasure of blogging and maybe spend some time in the hotel’s Jacuzzi later in the afternoon.  Must remember to take my medication though (20mg Fluoxetine, vitamin B complex and a 1,000mg dose of vitamin C).

Latest retail therapy: 11382_side_62O
the *new* Croc’s ‘Leigh Wedge’ in the colours of berry and natural.   Also bought some decorative jibbitz for my red ‘Olivia’ Crocs: two diamante Disney Mickey and one fabulous sparkly pink bow.  Really jangled up my week! *^_^*

crocs jibbitz-princess jasmineHere’s a jibbitz I was previously wearing, it’s a Disney Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin). 


What kicked-started me this week: the Birthday cake surprise birthday visit Birthday cake from my mum, maternal auntie and two (of my three) brothers.  I was laid up in bed and they burst through the door, which was a little unnerving and stressful at first, but the delayed effect was me being a little more recharged, a little more re-energised and a little more uplifted.  So I was able to get out and do some light in-town exploration this week.  Also, I consumed two giant slices of chocolate cheesecake… oh my god.  I had them for breakfast and they rendered me a little queasy, but chuffed. Send a kiss


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